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The 2015 growing season was a challenging one for many different reasons depending on where you were located in the province. We had a major frost/freezer on May 23 that affected many crops across the province with berries taking a significant hit in some areas. There were parts of the province that had a wet June making strawberry harvest difficult. It seemed July was relatively dry in most areas which allowed for a pretty decent harvest of raspberries. Day neutral strawberries had excellent crops in some areas and challenging crops in other areas due to many rain events making it difficult to control fungal diseases. Every year poses a different set of challenges and 2015 was certainly no exception.

Some of you may have already heard we are restructuring our business moving forward and the dormant plant crop we will harvest in April 2016 will be our last harvest of dormant plants. We will continue growing green top plants for the export market as well as growing fruit crops of strawberry and raspberry for the local market in Ontario. The berry industry in north eastern North America has changed and reduced drastically over the past 20 years and we feel the need to adapt to those changes.

We will remain in the dormant plant business as a broker buying in plants from other nurseries and reselling to "commercial size growers". We will be providing this service for both June bearing and Day Neutral varieties of strawberries as well as all the raspberry cane varieties we have handled in the past. After the spring of 2016 we will no longer be selling home garden quantities of any berry plants.

Thanks again for your business and if you have suggestions on how we can better serve you please let us know.

The Strawberry Tyme Team

Picking Carriers For Sale
Picking carrier made from cold, rolled steel rod. Must be ordered early for spring delivery. Call Strawberry Tyme Farms 519-426-3099 $24.00 each.

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There are a number of publications with information on cultural management, spray programs and weed control. The following may be of interest to you.

1. The strawberry in Ontario,
OMAF Publication #513
3. Guide to Weed Control,
OMAF Publication #75
2. Fruit Production Recommendations,
OMAF Publication #360
4. Fruit Cultivators,
OMAF Publications #430

These publications are available through your local county OMAF office.



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