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The 2013 season is coming to close and it will be one that most of us in the berry business would like to forget. What started out with so much promise in April and May, quickly turned into a battle with wet weather and all the issues that go along with it. Strawberry growers around us fought with root rot, drown ou and soft fruit that was full of water. The strawberry season started 5 days later than normal and finished about 3 days earlier than normal.

The wetter weather pattern of this growing season has made the nursery very productive and plants did not have the stress associated with hot, dry summers. Irrigation hours were almost non existent but fungicide costs will be exetremely high. In the nursery you tend to spend the money on either diesel fuel or fungicide.

We presently have a good looking crop of both strawberry and raspberry plants, but as usual get yours orders in early as we always start selling out of some varieties early in the new year.

We want to thank you for your business and if you have suggestions on how we can better serve you please let us know.

The Strawberry Tyme Team

Picking Carriers For Sale
Picking carrier made from cold, rolled steel rod. Must be ordered early for spring delivery. Call Strawberry Tyme Farms 519-426-3099 $24.00 each.

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There are a number of publications with information on cultural management, spray programs and weed control. The following may be of interest to you.

1. The strawberry in Ontario,
OMAF Publication #513
3. Guide to Weed Control,
OMAF Publication #75
2. Fruit Production Recommendations,
OMAF Publication #360
4. Fruit Cultivators,
OMAF Publications #430

These publications are available through your local county OMAF office.



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